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Welcome to's docs page! Through this guide we will walk you through some basic NFT/Web3 knowledge, as well as to how to create your Collection on our platform, seamlessly and code-free.

What is

Creators should only have to focus on creating - we can take care of the rest.
We’re a one-stop-shop connecting NFT Creators and Collectors in Web3, with the ultimate goal of bringing fairness, consolidation and democratisation to a highly technical and fragmented market.
With, you can bring your art to the blockchain code-free and in a matter of clicks.

Keep it simple

In order to launch your NFT collection with, you only need two things - your artwork and a crypto wallet (we need to send you the proceeds from your sales somewhere!). Our platform handles everything else - collection homepage, minting integration, smart contract deployment, metadata generation and decentralisation, and much more.

We care about your Collectors offers a state-of-the-art minting experience from beginning to end. We have built war-ready technology that ensures transaction costs during the sale of your artwork are kept low, no matter how many people are trying to mint. Our smart queueing technology prioritises real collectors and removes malicious actors, scripts and bots, so that your fans get a fair chance at minting.

More equity for you

No need to pay devs 20-25% and ridiculous upfront costs. No need to give galleries a 40% cut from your sales. provides all the infrastructure you need to launch your collection, so you can just focus on the art. And is 100% for creators.

We make deployment cheap

Gas costs when deploying a collection on Ethereum (Layer 1) can be expensive - we’ve optimised our code so that launching your NFT collection is 10.5x cheaper than any traditional deployment. And if you want to go L2, we’ve made deployment of Polygon lower than it already is - by 22x!

Maintain ownership

We don’t throw your artwork into a huge Smart Contract full of other people’s work. With, your artwork remains on your own Smart Contract, both owned and managed solely by you, from deployment to eternity. This means you can unlock a much wider range of features driving true Creator-Collector interactions than in other traditional minting platforms.


In an increasingly fragmented and opaque market, finding an audience for your artwork can be challenging, and involves long hours of Twitter and Instagram crawling. leverages blockchain data and data science to ensure your artwork can be discovered by the right collectors.

Your art is here to stay

We decentralise your artwork and metadata so that its longevity never depends on a single server. Decentralised storage means your art lives forever.
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