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Upload your Artwork

Welcome to the first step of launching your digital artwork! In this tab, you will only need to upload your artwork and give some basic information about it. You will find the following page:

  • Artwork: upload your artwork by dragging and dropping the file on the box or clicking on it. The supported media types are: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MOV, MP4, MP3 or GLB files. You can upload up to 1GB.

    • Note: If you upload a non-static asset (MOV, MP4, MP3 or GLB file), you will be asked to upload a "Preview Image". This will be used for the card display of your artwork in your collection page, where only static assets are displayed.

  • Artwork Name: give a name to your artwork. This is the name that will appear in all marketplaces. For instance, if you give the name "The Penrose Hotel", it will appear as follows:

  • Artwork Short Description: give a short description of the artwork, which will appear at your "Claim Page". This page is where collectors will arrive to collect your digital asset. You will finish designing this page in the "Page" tab.

Advanced Settings

Click on "View Advanced Settings" to add metadata to your artwork. You will be able to add a "Property" and a "Value". For example a property could be "Technique" and a value could be "One-line Drawing". These are more commonly known as "Traits", which better define the properties of your artwork. For example, if you are uploading an oil painting to sell as digital artwork, you could include this information as part of your artwork's traits. This would look as follows on marketplaces under the "Traits" section:

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