🛠️Building your Collection

You can add a new collection by accessing https://fair.xyz/dashboard/collection/add

In this section you will be defining the general details of your Collection, which will build the content and details of your Collection page and smart contract.

When clicking 'Create a new collection' on the Creator Dashboard, you will be prompted to choose one of three options:

  • Single Artwork: upload a single piece of artwork and sell it as a 1-of-1, limited edition (many copies/prints of the same art piece), or Open Edition (unlimited copies/prints of the same art piece).

  • Drop: sell many pieces of artwork in a single sale

  • Pure Airdrop: this option is suitable for creators who do not wish to conduct a public sale but rather want to send freebie NFTs to a set of users. Airdrop collections do not have a public collection page.

Use the following links to continue according to the drop format you choose:

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