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What is a Generative Collection?

A Generative Collection generally implies that the collection has been generated with some form of automation. In the context of our Generative Collection Interface, it is generated through the automated combination of image layers (traits), which you can design using your favourite editor (Photoshop, Figma etc.):

In the example above, the resulting image for Rebel #1855 was generated by combining traits 'Background', 'Mouth', 'Headwear', and so on. You can have many different types within each trait (for example, this specific image has the 'Spiral' Background, but another image may have the 'Beige' Background). Individual types of trait (such as Spiral for Background, Tongue Out for Mouth etc.) are called Attributes.

The Fair.xyz Generative Collection Interface allows you to use the design your Generative Collection by automatically combining the Attributes you have designed, in order to create unique pieces without need for manual work. Let's learn how!

We've prepared a useful video walkthrough to guide you through the process - you can watch it, or skip right to the steps below:

Organising your traits

First, organise your Attributes into Trait folders. This allows us understand how to best handle the Traits once we go into editing your collection (more on that below) and helps in the automation of the process:

As can be seen above, bodies, for example, will be the Trait, and Alien, Fluffy, Human etc. will be the Attributes for that trait.

Next, you need to 'compress' all of the folders into a single zip file, which will be what you will upload. The process is the same on Windows and Mac:

Step 1: select your trait folders

Step 2: right-click, and click on 'Compress'. Remember to compress the selection of folders, not a a parent folder containing all of the subfolders.

It is important that there are no subfolders within your folders - otherwise the upload will fail.

The resulting file will usually be called 'Archive.zip' on Mac (Windows will have a different .zip name) - this is the file you need to do upload. Now onto the fun part!

Ordering your traits

Once you have uploaded your zip file, the Generator will get to work. First, let's set the order of appearance of our traits - the bottom row should be the last layer to appear (e.g. a background), the top row should be the frontmost layer to appear. You can order the layers by drag-and-dropping:

Setting rarities

The rarity of an attribute determines how often it will appear in your collection.

You may wish for some of them to be more scarce (high rarity), or more common (low rarity). You can toggle rarities using the rarity bars for each attribute. You can also toggle the rarity at a 'trait level' - for example, if your NFTs can have accessories, you may not wish for accessories to be present across all NFTs.

You may also wish to make certain attributes completely unique, and selectively place them on customised NFTs further down the line - simply click 'Reserve for 1-of-1' - they will not automatically appear on your collection, and you'll be able to manually edit them in to your desired NFTs in a couple of steps.

A 1-of-1 is an NFT that has been created as a customised and unique edition, with some or all attributes being completely unique to that NFT.

Setting rules

Rules are an easy way of telling the Generative Collection Interface that you wish for certain Attributes to always combine with one another, or the opposite, for them to never combine with one another. Simply choose the Attributes you wish to set a rule for, and click 'Must Combine With' or 'Cannot Combine With' based on what you need. Once you're happy with that rule, simply click 'Save'.

You can have multiple rules across a single collection

You can select multiple Attributes on the right-side panel to follow the rule with the Attribute on the left-side panel


Once you hit 'Next' from the Rules page, you'll be able to view your full collection. By hovering over any NFT, you will see two options:

  • Reroll: reroll allows you to automatically generate a new set of traits for that given NFT if you are unhappy with its current look

  • Edit: allows you to manually edit an NFT. We can use this tool to design your 1-of-1s! To manually edit your NFT, just click on the Trait you'd like to edit, and choose your 1-of-1 Attribute. Hit 'Save Changes' when you're done - and that's it! That's your 1-of-1 designed

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