📙Managing your Collection

Manage your drop on Fair.xyz

Once you have deployed your Smart Contract, you will notice that the 'Deploy' tab is now substituted by a 'Contract' tab. From this new page, you will be able to edit certain Smart Contract-related features, such as the reveal date, price or royalties, of your Collection.

Modifying certain properties of your Collection (such as changing the sale price for your NFTs) requires transacting with the Blockchain through your Wallet, and will cost a small gas fee to the network

Once you have edited all your values, hit 'Save Changes'. A transaction should pop-up on your wallet, asking you to confirm it in order to apply the changes to your Collection. Hit 'Confirm', et voila! Your Smart Contract's data will be modified on the Blockchain.

Setting up your Collection on OpenSea

All Collections launched with Fair.xyz can, of course, be integrated into any secondary sale NFT marketplace. In this section, we will go through how to set up your Collection page on the most popular NFT marketplace for secondary sales: OpenSea.

Step 1: get your contract address. This can be found under the Contract tab of your collection. Simply click on 'View on Etherscan' - you will find the Contract address at the top of the page, as shown in the image below.

Step 2: OpenSea automatically recognises your Collection and Smart Contract as soon as your collection has at least 1 mint. Once your collection has one mint or more, simply paste the contract address you got from Step 1 and paste it on the search bar. Your Collection should appear.

Step 3: to edit your collection page, simply click on the 3 dots at the right of the page's header and click on 'Edit', as seen on the image below:

You'll be taken to OpenSea's Collection editing page - customise your collection as freely as you want here!

Setting Secondary Sale Royalties

One of the powerful things about selling your artwork in the form of NFTs is that blockchain traceability allows you to claim royalties of any further sale of your artwork in perpetuity. As we discussed on the Collection Details page, certain marketplaces can read your royalty information straight off your Collection's Smart Contract. However, other marketplaces will require you manually setting royalties for your collection with them. Whilst you may have done this already in the prior step (importing your Collection to OpenSea), below we will show you how to set royalties on both OpenSea and LooksRare, the most popular NFT secondary sale marketplaces.


Step 1: Visit the 'My Collections' page here.

Step 2: Hover over the Collection for which you'd like to set the Royalties for, click on the 3 dots which will appear, and click on 'Edit'.

Step 3: Scroll down to 'Creator Earnings' The number here is the percentage of any secondary sales you will receive in the form of royalties within the platform. We usually recommend somewhere between 2.5-10%!

Step 4: once you are happy with your Royalty Percentage value, scroll down a bit more and click 'Submit Changes'


LooksRare supports the EIP-2981 standard, meaning they should be able to read your Royalty percentage straight off your Smart Contract! 🎉 (this is the value which you can see on your Fair.xyz Creator Dashboard).

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