This is the "Claim Page" where collectors will arrive

The information you add in this tab will be added to the claim page. This is the page where your collectors will arrive and where they will collect your NFTs.

  • Edition Subdomain: this is the unique subdomain users will be accessing within the Fair.xyz website to access your claim page.

  • Artwork Long Description: you can add here a more comprehensive description of your artwork and project.

  • Tags: Here you can add a selection of words which help categorise your collection. Some examples are: photography, comics, sport, paintings, digital assets, ... This will help your art get discovered if people search for your tags!

  • Artist Name: input the name you'd like to be shown in the claim page as the Artist of this edition.

  • Artist Image: upload here a profile picture for the artist

  • Artist Twitter: connect your Twitter account where people can contact you or find out the latest updates about your project.

Advanced Settings

When clicking on "Advanced Settings" you will find the following:

  • Artist Website: add a website where people can learn more about you. This can be a simple Linktree or a more sophisticated website.

  • Instagram: add your Instagram handle.

  • Discord: add the invitation link to your Discord server.

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