FAQs about Fair

Q. How much do you charge?

A. Fair.xyz is entirely free to use (despite the creator paying small gas fees upon deployment). We take 0% of your primary and secondary sales - that’s all for you!

We only charge a small platform fee for your collectors (0.00087ETH on Ethereum, 2.5 MATIC on Polygon) when they mint.

Q. Do you support free mints? What proceeds do you take in this case?

A. Yes, we support free mints. All you have to do is input your price as 0.

Q. Do I create a smart contract on Fair.xyz or do I need to make one elsewhere?

A. When you are building out your collection on Fair.xyz, you're actually building out your own Fairxyz smart contract! So there is no need to create one elsewhere.

Q. Does Fair.xyz own any of my smart contract?

A. No. The smart contract you create on Fair.xyz is 100% yours.

Q. Is it possible to transfer ownership of my smart contract?

A. Yes, this is possible. Please contact us if you wish to transfer the ownership of your collection's smart contract.

Q. How do I withdraw my funds?

A. You can withdraw your funds from the 'Contract' tab of your collection within the platform. The contract tab will be available after you deploy your collection. You will see a 'Withdraw' button within that tab.

Q. Does the gas price change depending on the size of my collection?

A. No, but it does change depending on how many stages you have in your collection.

Q. Does Fair.xyz take any of the gas fee I pay when I deploy my contract?

A. No. Gas fees are transaction fees paid to the blockchain (network) you are deploying on. Fair.xyz takes nothing from this transaction.

Q. Do you have a limit on how much artwork I can upload?

A. For Single Artwork (1-of-1s and Editions) sales you can upload up to 1GB per file. For large collections (Drops), we support up to 10,000 files, with one file per art piece, or generative collections of up to 10,000 pieces with a total file size of 10GB.

Q. How can I create a collection larger than 10,000?

A. The best way to do this would be to use our Limited Editions technology. You can navigate to this section by building for 'Single Artwork' and setting the edition size to your desired number with a placeholder image. After this, ensure you deploy your contract as an ERC-721 contract. Then, you will be able to change the metadata to your own images.

Q. What files do you support?

A. We support JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MOV, MP4, MP3 or GLB files.

Q. Does your platform support .gifs?

A. Yes, but we do not currently support .gifs in the generative-art feature.

Q. Are SVG files compatible with Fair.xyz?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I upload 3D assets to Fair.xyz?

A. Yes. You can upload 3D assets for Single Artwork (1-of-1s and Editions) sales.

Q. Will my artwork be cropped if it is vertical?

A. When building your minting page, your artwork won’t be cropped out for vertical images unless you use the carousel block. The carousel block only affects how your artwork is displayed on the Fair.xyz collection page, but does not actually affect the art piece in itself or how it is displayed on other platforms.

Q. How do I list my collection on OpenSea?

A. Once there is a single mint or airdrop on your collection, it will automatically appear on OpenSea.

Q. Is it possible to pause my mint?

A. You can pause your mint or end a sale stage at any time.

Q. How do I create an Allowlist?

A. On the schedule tab, you can add 'Conditions to buy', in which you can restrict who can buy during a specific sale stage based on certain criteria, amongst them allowlists. You can learn more about Conditions to buy here.

Q. What is the maximum number of wallets for the Allowlist?

A. The maximum number of wallets is 4,000. You can add them manually by using the text bar in the Allowlist tab. If you are managing a large list of wallets you would like to add to your Allowlist access, you can instead upload a .csv file with the wallet addresses organised into rows (or columns if you prefer). You do not need a header or anything of the like, just the wallet addresses.

Q. I hosted a drop with Allowlist and public mint stages but not all of my NFTs were minted in the Allowlist stage. What happens to them?

A. In this case, the unsold NFTs from the Allowlist simply spill over to the public sale. For example, if you have a collection of 10 pieces with 5 of them allocated to the Allowlist stage and 5 of them allocated to the public stage, but you only sell 2 NFTs on the Allowlist stage, then 8 NFTs will be available on the public stage (5 + 3 rolled over).

Q. Will having an Allowlist increase the cost of deployment?

A. No. You are able to upload up to 4,000 wallet addresses to an Allowlist and this will not affect the cost of deployment.

Q. Is it possible to add Allowlist addresses even when my mint goes live?

A. Yes, you can continue to add Allowlist addresses after your mint goes live. There will not be a gas fee attached to this.

Q. Can I change information of my drop after I deploy my contract?

A. Yes, you can still change the price, royalties and maximum mints per wallet, amongst other parameters.

Q. Can I update the artwork and names of my collection once I have launched?

A. At the moment, this is not possible.

Q. Is it possible to postpone sale stages?

A. You can keep postponing stages virtually indefinitely. As long as a stage has not started, you can postpone it. If a stage has already started, you can only end it and create a new one. You won’t be able to move the start time from the past to the future. If a stage has ended, you can’t update it. Overall, you can update everything about a future stage, or even remove it - but you cannot edit or delete the stage once it has started.

Q. Is it possible to amend the mint price after my contract is deployed?

A. Yes, this is possible to do.

Q. Can I reduce the price of my collection once it has launched?

A. Yes, you can do it from the ‘Schedule’ tab. Fair.xyz does not take any fees for you making changes to your smart contract, but you will need to pay a small gas (transaction) fee.

Q. Can I reduce the size of my collection after it’s been deployed?

A. Unfortunately, after deployment, this is not possible. Collection sizes are final. What you can do is limit the number of NFTs on sale and effectively reduce the mintable size of your collection.

Q. Can I add more pieces to my collection after it’s deployed?

A. Drops are fixed size collections and as such one cannot add more pieces to a 'Drop' collection after it has been deployed.

On the other hand, when a 1/1 or Editions piece is created, you are also creating a collection, which is where your piece lives. So while you are not able to increase the supply of the initial piece, you can create another new piece that is added to the same collection - an option that will be presented to you before you deploy.

Q. Is it possible to change the metadata after the mint?

A. Please contact us if you wish to change the metadata in your collection after deployment.

Q. How would someone change their launch date for their upcoming collection?

A. Before deploying the contract, you can set this on the details tab under 'Schedule'. If you have already deployed the contract and it is before the upcoming launch date, you can change the date by finding your collection in 'Your Collections' and pressing 'Edit Collection'. If your sale has already opened, you will not be able to change the launch date, but you will be able to end the sale and restart it at a later time.

Q. Is it possible to mint directly from the Fair.xyz contracts?

A. No. All of our contracts are signature gated, meaning contract minting is not directly available. However, there is an option for the owner to remove the signature requirement from the smart contract, which would make contract minting possible. Please reach out if you’d like guidance as to how to do this.

Q. Do you have a burn mechanism?

A. All contracts deployed on Fair.xyz have a pre-built burn mechanism if you desire to create burn-to-redeem experiences, or anything of the like. However, we do not currently support burning at a platform level. For now, you can currently use the ‘toggleBurnable’ function on the contract to enable burning which will allow token holders or approved addresses to burn their tokens.

Q. I want to offer a certain amount of mints for free, then the rest at a price I set. Is this possible?

A. Yes, this is possible. You can create a multi-stage drop and allocate however many NFTs you’d like for free, and then adjust the price accordingly for the second drop.

Q. Can I randomise my minting order?

A. The mint order is automatically randomised for you.

Q. How do people mint my collection once it’s public?

A. Every collection automatically receives a minting page that is fully customisable. Once this is generated, you can use it however you like. Email it to friends, post it on Twitter, shill it in Discord - the choice is yours!

Q. How do I create my bespoke minting page?

A. While you're going through the motions of uploading your artwork, putting in your collection details, etc. you're actually building the mint page itself. Once you press ‘Save Changes’ on the ‘Details’ tab of your collection, you should be able to preview your collection page by clicking ‘Preview Page’.

Q. How do I preview my minting page?

A. If you are building a collection, you'll be able to see the progress of your mint page while building. Once you press ‘Save Changes’ on the ‘Details’ tab of your collection, you should be able to preview your collection page by clicking ‘Preview Page’. If you are building a 1/1 minting page, the look of your work will be displayed on the right hand side while you build.

Q. Can I change the link of my customised mint page to a domain I own?

A. No, unfortunately you can only edit the subdomain of your Fair.xyz mint page.

Q. I removed my maximum mints per wallet, but this information has not been reflected on the drop page. What am I doing wrong?

A. Make sure you change the max mints per wallet at a collection level and stage level. You can go to the schedule tab and edit the current stage to ensure the wallet minting limit is set to ‘no limit’.

Q. Is my supply of NFTs public to collectors during mint?

A. Users will be able to follow the mint schedule on the minting page, which displays characteristics like date, time, price, collection size, as well as a minting progress bar. You are able to limit the number of NFTs on sale at any given time so that you can retain full control over exactly how you sell your collection.

Q. Do I need to go through a KYC process to use your platform?

A. No. You do not have to go through KYC unless you would like to enable credit card payments.

Q. I am having issues with the KYC verification step.

A. We verify all the creators on the platform to ensure that everyone launching a collection on Fair.xyz is a real person. If you are having issues with verification, you should have received an email from our provider explaining what is wrong. The most common errors include your ID being expired or the picture not fulfilling proper guidelines. However, if you are still encountering issues please email us at help@fair.xyz or raise a ticket on our Discord, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Q. Can I launch more than one collection from my wallet? How will this affect the KYC process?

A. You can launch multiple collections with the same wallet, so you do not have to go through KYC again. But if for any reason you want to use a different wallet, yes, you'll have to do KYC again for that new account.

Q. I have paid for more NFTs than a collection’s maximum mint per wallet. Have I been charged?

A. You automatically receive a refund for the excess mints if there is a mint limit you have exceeded. The collector will always be charged fairly and pay for however many NFTs they received. For example, if the collector tries to mint and pays for 3 NFTs but there are only 2 left, they will receive 2 NFTs as well as a refund for the third in the same transaction.

Q. Can I use a tablet, phone or iPad to upload images to Fair.xyz?

A. Whilst some of our creators launch their collections using a tablet, we highly recommend using a desktop for the best user experience.

Q. Will the ‘filename’ that I put in the metadata sheet be shown on OpenSea for a specific NFT or is it just the ‘Name’ that will be shown?

A. The ‘Name’ will appear. If you do not include a ‘Name’ column, we will automatically remove the extension so that it does not show up on OpenSea.

Q. What does enforcing royalties mean?

A. Enforcing royalties ensures that only royalty-compliant marketplaces can trade your collection. If a marketplace does not pay out creator royalties it will not be enabled to trade your collection’s NFTs.

Q. Am I able to impose creator royalties on every marketplace that trades my collection, or do I individually talk with those marketplaces?

A. When you deploy your collection, you will be able to decide if you'd like to impose creator royalties or not.

Q.When I launch a collection with the royalty percentage set on Fair.xyz, will this reflect on OpenSea and X2Y2 straight away? How about Blur?

A. Our contracts are ERC2981-compliant, meaning royalty information should automatically reflect on OpenSea and X2Y2. It will reflect on Blur depending on how the buyer is purchasing. However, we strongly recommend manually verifying with each marketplace that your collection’s royalties are correctly picked up once the mint goes live.

Q. Why isn’t my collection showing up on marketplaces like LooksRare or Blur?

A. We automatically disable marketplaces that do not enforce royalties. You can always disable this option, but keep in mind that marketplaces that do enforce royalties (e.g. OpenSea) will stop paying you royalties!

Q. Can I use your platform for airdrops?

A. Yes, with 'Drops' you can use the 'Airdrop' tab for your collection as a way of sending free NFTs to your collectors, your team or yourself. With Editions and 1-of-1s, airdrops can be done from the 'Contract' tab. You can airdrop up to 20 wallets at once. Please note, for airdrop-only collections, there is no minting page.

Q. In the airdrop phase, can I decide which specific NFTs to send?

A. Not at this point. Unfortunately, one of the down sides of batch minting is that you cannot select specific NFTs.

Q. How many NFTs can I airdrop to someone?

A. At the moment, you can only airdrop 20 per wallet in a single transaction, but you should be able to airdrop to the same address multiple times.

Q. Can I create a reveal experience for airdrop-only collections?

A. Yes, you can. This will be indicated in the “Launch Details” section when you are building your collection.

Q. Will I be able to design a mint page for my airdrop?

A. No, mint pages are not necessary for airdrops, and therefore you will not receive one. All actions can be performed by you in the Creator UI.

Q. Why has my art not been revealed on the day that I scheduled?

A. When you insert your reveal date, it is simply for collectors to know. You still have to manually reveal your art by going to the platform on your desired date and clicking ‘Reveal Now’ on the contract tab.

Q. My wallet was banned and my collection is now removed from OpenSea. Is it possible to transfer my collection to a new owner's wallet?

A. Unfortunately, if OpenSea has banned your collection, there is nothing we can do.

Q. I deployed a contract on a different website to Fair.xyz. Can I still use your minting function?

A. No. You will only be given a minting page if you build your contract on Fair.xyz.

Q. People are unable to mint the maximum mint I’ve set on my collection. What’s going on?

A. There are two types of maximum mints per wallet. First, there is a ‘global limit,’ which is set on the Details/Contract tab. This is a limit on the number of mints across aggregated across all stages. The second one is a ‘stage level limit’, which is the number of NFTs a wallet can mint in a specific stage. Whilst you were correctly modifying the global max mints per wallet, chances are you still had a stage level max mint per wallet.

Q. If I don’t get anyone minting my contract, is there an option to cancel, delete or burn the contract?

A. Unfortunately, once a collection is deployed it cannot be deleted/erased. This is the case across all platforms. However, the artwork in the collection will remain unminted and thus invisible across marketplaces.

Q. Does Fair.xyz support auctions?

A. Not at the moment, but this feature will be rolled out eventually.

Q. I want to do a 3000 items generative collection on Fair.xyz. Can I reserve a part of the supply (say 500 NFTs) for myself?

A. Yes. There are 2 ways to do this: Option 1: Airdrop 500 NFTs to yourself through the 'Airdrop' tab as soon as you deploy the contract and before the sale goes live. Option 2: use a multi-date drop, and set the final stage to be very far into the future, with 500 NFTs and Allowlist-only. If you set only yourself to the Allowlist, only you will be able to mint/allocate those. You can always airdrop them before the date you set on that stage and close out the sale.

Q. I want to create a 10k collection with the generative art tool that also includes some 1/1s. Is this possible?

A. Yes, this is possible. We recommend creating a layer called 'One-Of-One' which includes your 1/1 pieces. Then, make the rarity of that layer 0% from the 'Rarities' tab, and then when you arrive to the final screen you can manually edit those 1/1 NFTs from the generated ones. Simply add the layer 'One-Of-One' and select the 1/1 you want that NFT to be, and delete all other layers. We're adding some simplification to this flow soon so that you can manually upload 1-of-1 images!

Note: Your minting order will be in the order that the images appear on the UI, so make sure to distribute your 1-of-1s across the collection!

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