Deploy your own smart contract on Fair.xyz

Finally here! It's time to deploy your collection. Deployment is done in 2 steps:

Step 1: decentralising your metadata

What does metadata decentralisation mean?

As it stands today, the data for most of the services you use is stored in the centralised servers of companies such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft. In practice, this works great - they tend to be reliable, with little or no downtime, and, well, they've stuck around for long enough that you don't need to worry about them disappearing tomorrow with all of your data!

For NFTs, and more broadly in Web3, we like to think deeper, given that the metadata which has most of the information related to an NFT has to be stored somewhere. We want it to be stored somewhere as secure and immutable (cannot change) as possible.

What would happen if, say, tomorrow one of these companies were to go bust? Who would maintain their servers? Where does your data go? Or, even simpler, what if the person whose NFT collection I bought stopped paying their monthly storage bills to one of these companies, or edited/deleted the data altogether? This is where metadata decentralisation comes into play.

Decentralised metadata is permanent and frozen in place, stored across multiple endpoints, and cannot be edited or taken down - even by the creator of the data.

For example, this image of the Fair.xyz logo is currently stored on IPFS, a decentralised file system. We can't take it down, we can't edit it, and it is currently stored across multiple, unrelated, distributed locations. This kind of behaviour minimises counter-party risk in data relating to NFTs.

Decentralising your metadata

Up until this point in your Collection building, the Collection metadata has lived within Fair.xyz's Amazon servers. That's great, but now it's time to decentralise it so you never have to worry about counter-party risk with respect to us! All you have to do is click 'Decentralise Metadata'. That's it. We'll do the rest.

This process may take a bit of time - depending on how big your collection is. Sit back and make yourself a coffee, we'll send you an email as soon as your metadata is ready.

Decentralising your artwork means you can no longer edit it - you will only be able to view it

Step 2: deploy your collection

It's time to launch your smart contract into the network. This will use all of the information you have provided up until this point to get ready your Collection ready for minting. Once you hit 'Deploy', you will be prompted with a transaction request on your wallet provider. These are gas fees related to your deployment - Fair.xyz takes no fee for deployment, they are paid to the network. Once you confirm the transaction - you're good to go, your collection is deployed and ready for minting!

Some information regarding your Collection will become immutable after deployment. That is, it cannot be changed from the point of deployment onwards. Other details, such as the price of each NFT in your collection, will require a small gas fee (of which Fair.xyz takes nothing!) to modify. We will provide you with more details on the interface.

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