The 'Deploy' tab is used to finalise and deploy your artwork, so that it is ready to sell

Before finalising the preparation for your artwork sale, you must first create a collection that can host it. You will be able to add more artwork pieces to this collection further down the line.

At the top of the page you will see a 'Select a Collection' dropdown, which will allow you to either create a new collection that will host your artwork, or select a collection you had previously created and add your artwork to it.

Note: if there is any missing information on your artwork piece, you will not be able to click on the 'Select a Collection' dropdown. Hover over the button to see what section is yet to be completed for your artwork.

Creating a new collection

If you decide to create a new collection, you will be prompted with the following modal:

Collection Name

Your collection does not have to have the same name as your artwork. Keep in mind that you will be able to add more artwork pieces to this collection in the future, so use a name that you think can encompass all the art you will be putting under this collection. You will not be able to edit this after deployment.

Collection Description

As it reads on the tin - describe your collection for collectors to see! You will be able to edit this after deployment.

Collection Royalties

Because your artwork is sold as an NFT, you will be able to collect royalties as a commission for secondary sales of your artwork across marketplaces. For example, if your royalties are 5%, you will be paid $5 for every $100 of your art that is sold. Royalties are deposited directly in your wallet.

If you click on VIEW ADVANCED SETTINGS you will be able to further customise your Collection:

Collection Logo

Add a logo to best represent your collection, with ideal size 400x800.

Collection Symbol

This is what is more commonly known as a 'TICKER', usually an abbreviation of your collection name.

Block Non-Royalty Compliant Marketplaces

Certain marketplaces do not enforce royalties for artists and creators. Our collections are built to block them by default. However, you can choose to enable royalty-free trading by toggling the button to 'NO'. Note that you will receive little to no royalties if you select this option.

Collection Contract Type

Your collection contract type can be 'ERC1155' or 'ERC721'. ERC721 is the most popular form, as it allows for the artwork inside your contract to have individual serial numbers when you sell them as editions. ERC1155, on the other hand, is slightly more optimised from a network cost perspective as it does not serialise your artwork upon sale. It is also more beneficial for NFTs with future mechanics such as a burn-to-redeem mechanism.

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