Schedule your drop on Fair.xyz

Getting started

  • Use the "Schedule" tab on the left hand side of the screen. This section sits between "Artwork" and "Deploy".

Things to keep in mind

  • There will be a counter in your tab which specifies how many NFTs are yet to be allocated to a specific drop in the schedule: 'x NFTs remaining' - this number will update as you add/remove/modify any drops. You cannot go over this number when allocating drops, and you must have allocated all existing NFTs to drops before you can save your change (i.e. the number should go down to 0 NFTs remaining).

  • The drops must be in chronological order, and with minimum time requirements between them, which the UI will specify when you try adding a stage.

  • All artwork from a given stage in your drop schedule will automatically be moved to the next stage if it is not sold.

  • You can update everything about a future stage, or even remove it - but you cannot delete a stage once it has started

Creating stages

  • Click on "Add Stage" which will prompt you to begin designing your stages.

  • As you add information to your specific stage, a preview will be shown in "Stage Summary" on the right. Once you click "Add," you will be brought back to the Launch Schedule, where your stages will appear in sequential order. Continue this process until satisfied.

Clicking on 'Remaining Supply' means that all NFTs will be on sale during your selected stage

  • You are able to add both Public Sale stages (where anyone can buy) or Allowlist Only stages (where only a specified list of users can mint during that particular stage". For more specific information on Allowlists, click here.

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