Create your Collection - Introduction

Create your collection on today
The Creator Interface is built to allow for the most seamless, simple and code-free experience for Creators. In the following tutorial, we will go through the steps required to build an end-to-end collection through the platform - from artwork generation to smart contract and minting site deployment, and everything in-between!
What do I need to launch my own collection?
  • A wallet (with just a little bit of funds in it to pay gas fees - does not take any upfront costs) - you can learn more about wallets and how to set one up here
  • Artwork, or layers to generate your artwork
  • 5-10 minutes of your time (that’s how long it should take to launch your collection if you have all the collection information ready to go!)
The gas cost of launching an NFT collection with is anywhere between 10-22x cheaper (depending on which blockchain you’re launching on) than traditional deployments
We've also prepared a video walkthrough so that you can easily follow how to launch your own collection with
If you are ready with the above - great! It’s time to build. Let's dive right in: