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In this section you will be defining the general details of your Collection, which will build the content and details of your Collection page and smart contract. Please note if you are building an 'Airdrop' collection most of the fields below won't be present in your Details page, as you will not be creating a collection page.

Collection Details

  • Collection Name and Ticker: give your Collection Name the name you desire! The Collection Ticker is generally an abbreviated (6 characters max) version of your Collection Name, similar to a ticker in the stock market (e.g. MSFT for Microsoft). When someone looks up your collection on an explorer, such as, they will view both of these.
  • Collection Subdomain: this is the unique subdomain users will be accessing within the website to access, for example, your Collection page and minting site. If, for example, you set your Collection Subdomain to “FairDrop”, your collection site will be found at

Launch details

  • Choose your Blockchain: Ethereum (the most popular, but with higher transaction costs) vs Polygon (near-to-free and environmentally friendly; coming soon). Most collections you have heard of were probably launched on Ethereum. With this in mind, has done some coding wizardry to make Ethereum deployments and minting significantly cheaper 🧙🏼‍♂️

Advanced Settings

You can find the advanced settings for your collection in the 'Launch Details' box by clicking on 'Show Advanced Settings'
  • Max mints per wallet: you may want to limit the amount of individual NFTs each collector can buy - max mints per wallet sets the cap for this number of mints.
  • Royalties/Creator Fees: some marketplaces support contract-native Royalty distribution to you as a Creator. If that is the case, this is the percentage of any secondary sales you will receive! The usual range is 2.5-10% (royalties higher than that are very rare, and some marketplaces may not even support them!)
  • Reveal Experience: you can make your artwork instant or delayed. If instant - the artwork of your collection will be made immediately available to your collectors after you deploy your collection, including before any mints take place. Some Creators prefer to delay the reveal of their artwork to a few days after their collection first goes on sale, and show a placeholder image in the meantime instead - will handle that for you. Simply upload a placeholder image and tell your collectors when the reveal will take place! And if you ever change your mind after deployment and want to change your artwork reveal date, or reveal it instantly - that’s absolutely fine, you’ll be able to do that too. Please note that the reveal is not automatically handled by the platform. On the day of the reveal, you will have to click on ‘Reveal Now’ on the contract tab.
  • SBTs & Transferable NFTs: If you want to make your NFT collection non-transferable (Soulbound), you should click “No” when asked “Should the NFTs be transferable?“. This will make the NFTs of that collection Soulbound and therefore non-transferable. Otherwise, if you click “Yes”, they will be regular NFTs that can be transferred and traded in the secondary market. Popularity of SoulBound Tokens has grown over the past months in fields like Art, Gaming, DAO governance, and many others. It can be used, for instance, as a non-dilutive way of rewarding artists’ communities or as a certificate for a completed course.


  • Short Description: give a short description of the artwork, which will appear at your Collection Page. This page is where collectors will arrive to collect your digital asset.
  • Long Description: you can add here a more comprehensive description of the project.
  • Tags: Here you can add a selection of words which help categorise your collection. Some examples are: photography, comics, sport, paintings, digital assets, ... This will help your project get discovered if people search for your tags!


  • Collection page media: give your prospective Collectors a flavour of what your Collection will look like! Upload some samples of your artwork here. You can structure the artwork into media 'blocks', to customise your collection page any way you like.
  • Thumbnail image: this is the image/animation to be displayed for Collectors as an icon for your Collection if they are looking at it from the Collector dashboard. It is also the Collection icon you will see from your Creator Dashboard.
  • Header image: this is the banner image which will cover your Collection Page and minting site. 1400x400 ideal size

Artist details

Time to tell the world a bit more about yourself! Note: if you have already entered your artist details in your profile page, these will automatically populate here. The Artists details in your profile and Collection page will automatically sync upon saving.

Social media

How can people contact you, or find out the latest updates about your project? Add your Collection’s social media details here.
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