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Choose your Artwork for your drop on Fair.xyz: Uploading

If you already have your artwork ready, uploading it is very simple! You'll need two things:

  1. The artwork (duh!) - up to 10,000 files, one file per art piece

  2. (Optional) Metadata - the data that describes each of your art pieces (more on that below)


All you need to do to have your artwork ready for upload is to put it all together into a zip file. That's it! We'll show you how below:

How to compress into a zip file (Mac)

Step 1: select the all the art pieces you would like to upload

Step 2: right-click, and click on 'Compress'

The resulting file will usually be called 'Archive.zip' - this is the file you need to do upload.

How to compress into a zip file (Windows)

Step 1: select the all the art pieces you would like to upload

Step 2: right-click, and click on 'Compress'

Step 3: select the extension to .zip

This will create a file with a .zip extension, which is the one you will need to upload.

Metadata (optional)

You may want to add some additional data that informs collectors about each of your individual art pieces. This is called metadata, and will be displayed on secondary marketplaces. Example:

In the example above, we call 'Background' a trait, and 'Spiral' an attribute. Your Metadata can be anything, it does not need to necessarily describe the image! It could be information about when or where the NFT was created, the name of the artist, or any other piece of information you think is relevant to your collection. In order to add Metadata, all you need to do is upload a .csv file with the following sample structure:



Ser Moody

Ser Moody is a moody person




Ser Happy

Ser Happy is a happy person



Ser Sad

Ser Sad is a sad person



  • filename (compulsory): this helps us understand which NFT you are describing from your uploads - the row values should be the name of the file for the NFT you are referring to

  • Name (compulsory): if you'd like to give your NFTs unique names - this is where they go!

  • Description (optional): describe your NFT

  • Background/Eyes (optional): these are the traits of your NFTs. You can have as many trait columns as you'd like, and you can leave row values blank for the NFTs that don't have that specific trait. You can have duplicate columns if, for example, a trait such as 'Accessory' can have multiple attributes for a single NFT

Do not add more than 1 column for each of filename, name and description, as it may otherwise cause unexpected behaviour

You can create a .csv file by creating a table like the one above on any standard spreadsheet software such as Excel and then exporting it to .csv format:

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