After uploading your artwork, you'll be brought to the "Details" page, which is an essential step in your building journey.

Getting Started

Here, you'll decide how you'd like your artwork to be bought. You'll be able to choose from three different options: a 1/1, limited edition or an open edition.


By choosing to create a 1/1 ("one of one") piece, you will create only a single copy of the artwork.

Limited Edition

By choosing Limited Edition, you will be able to limit the number of copies available of this artwork. You can choose any number between 1-999,999,999.

Open Edition

By choosing Open Edition, there will be no limit to the total number of copies available. Typically, this is combined with a restricted time period.

Sale Structure

After choosing your desired type of artwork, you will be prompted to build out your sale structure. You can add various different stages of sale, including their relevant title, start & end date, maximum mints per wallet and price.

Stage Name

Here, you can name your stage. This will be shown on your final minting page.

Start & End Time

Here, you can choose what day and time your stage starts and finishes.

Max Mints Per Wallet

Here, you can put a limit on how many NFTs a single wallet can mint during this stage. The default is 'Unlimited'.


This is where you can input the price of your NFT. If you'd like your piece to be free, simply input 0 for price.

Advanced Settings

When you click on 'Advanced Settings' you will be given further options to add to your mint.

Maximum Mints Per Wallet

Here you can create a limit on how many NFTs a wallet can mint. If left blank, this will default to 'Unlimited'.

Allow Assets to Be Transferable

Here, you can decide if you want to create a Soulbound Token (meaning it cannot leave the wallet that mints it and will never be transferable). If you want a Soulbound Token, toggle to 'No,' meaning the NFT will not be transferable. The default setting is 'Yes'.

Delayed Artwork Reveal

If you'd like to delay the reveal of your artwork, you may do so. A placeholder that you provide will be shown in the interim. Please note, you will have to manually reveal your art on the day you decide. It is not done automatically.

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